For over 20 years ,we produce and deliver industrial parts, CNC-turned and milled parts, fasteners and components according to defined requirements.  We are experts for sophisticated parts. We produce shafts, aluminium products, copper products,special bolts, nuts and other parts according to drawing. For instance we work with heat-resistant or stainless steel as well as heat-treated steel and many other materials. We can choose from wide range of special materials.

NINGBO  SUIFU ENGINEERING INDUSTRY IMP&EXP. CO.,LTD  ( dba NINGBO FENGHUA YAXIYA VEHICLE PARTS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD)  currently has 30 highly qualified employees and is committed to training the experts of the future.

Our products are used in different industrial sectors:

Mechanical and constructional engineering, Automotive Parts Industry, Agricultural Machinery, Power Tool  Manufacturer, Medical Equipment Industry, Automatic Doors Industry ,High Pressure Cleaning Machinery, Servo Motors  as well as other industrial sectors.

The long-time experience in the processing of different material and the application of future-oriented production technologies with short and flexible delivery times and logistic solutions as needed ------ this is what we are known for.

SUI FU---- Our products and services are your competitive edge.